Change Management Strategies

change managementChange management is a process that helps business and organizations to make changes in order to adapt to the changing environment. A well developed change management strategy will help business succeed in making changes smoothly


Change Management Overview

Change management needs to be flexible. Business needs to be flexible to adapt to the changing world. There are many factors contributing to the needs of change management. For example, market situation changes, new product changes, new technology changes or relevant law changes. If a business want to keep competitive in the market, they need to constantly adapt to the changing environment.

Change management needs to understand the supporting and resistant factors for changes. As changes are inevitable, It is important for top management team to realize that change management is not a easy process. There are always supporting forces and resisting forces regarding the changes. The supporting factors are: new technology, changing work value, industry competition, product obsolescence etc. The key factors that contributing to the resisting forces are social social resistance and economic reasons. Top management team needs to have a thorough analysis on these factors to make the change management a success.

Change Management Models

Although there is no universal change management process and models that suit for all types of business. Studies show that forces field analysis model can be a useful model for analyzing the pressure for and against changes. Force field analysis is a change management technique that was first introduced by Levin. The key principle force field analysis is that you need to analyze all factors that support the changes and all factors that are against the changes. You need also assess the impact of each factors. Today, field analysis has been used in many business field to assess the need of changes and communicate with others by decision makers.

Change Management Principle and Strategy

In order make the change in the business smooth and effective, change must involve all people in the system. It is crucial for the top management team understand that change must not be imposed upon the people, During the whole change management process, it is important to involve, communicate and open with the people in the system.

During the change management process, there are certain strategy and principles management team need to follow: Understand the current situation: It is important for the business to understand their current issues, problems and situation so that they will have a clear future target.

Know the future target: Business needs to have a clear objectives of those changes. Communicating and involving: After the decision makers have decided to make changes, it is crucial to communicate and involve with as many people as possible so the obstacle for changes will be reduced.